Breaking Cursed Bonds
Exposing Secret Sins
Seeking Redemption
Connect with Elisabeth

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Some families are odd, but others inherit eccentric roots, laced with deep secrets. Eventually, the truth is exposed and that’s what happens to Michelle de Gourgues.

In order to save her reputation, Michelle leaves her home in Memphis and returns to Cambridge Massachusetts to investigate an old murder case that her brother, Robert, threatens to expose.

Yes, she had made mistakes during her college days, but what worried her now was the damage that her past indiscretions could do to her reputation. Even rumors could cloud her leadership as CEO of the family enterprise. With the help of her older sister, Emilie and her fiancé Jeremy Laughton, they unfold the mystery behind the old crime and learn of a secret society.

Michelle receives comfort and support from her Aunt Victoria and friend Jackson Bennett, who help in the search for the truth. Secrets from years ago are revealed and then bizarre things happen. Michelle realizes there is more to the situation than first imagined.